B Corp School Awareness Challenge

Leading agency: InVento Innovation Lab
Area(s) of intervention: Milan
Total budget: € 88.890
NOPLANETB contribution: € 80.001
Duration: 13 months
Starting date: 1st of November 2018
Contacts: info@inventolab.com

Summary of the project

In order to achieve the SDGS (in particular SDG12) – it is necessary to involve the future generations and potential Green Changemakers: young people and students that can tackle Challenge for our future Planet, if properly stimulated.
During its experience with schools and students, InVento Lab understood the need to disseminate the principles of sustainable development among people in accordance with B-Corp network values.
“B-Corp School” project is the first Education Programme for schools with a focus is on B-Corp Entrepreneurship:

  • Involvement of B-Corp entrepreneurs and the Direction of the “Città Resilienti” project of the City of Milan;
  • Use of the e-learning platform “InVento School”;
  • Blended course with the alternating of frontal classes, e-learning, practical activities and learning by doing methodology;
  • Territorial Analysis and Environmental Assessment;
  • Environmental Challenges: B-Corp entrepreneurs and Resilience Office of the City of Milan will launch green challenges to students in order to let them develop new sustainable and resilient business ideas as solutions to environmental problems;
  • Tutoring and mentoring by B-Corp Entrepreneurs who will lead the students to the development of their sustainable and resilient business ideas;
  • Final competition among the participant classes.

  • Beneficiaries

    • 500 students of the high schools
    • 20 teachers
    • 20 BCorp entrepreneurs
    • 1000 people at the event

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