Amico Albero

Leading agency: A.R.K.A eventi
Area(s) of intervention: Cagliari
Total budget: € 5.000
NOPLANETB contribution: € 4.500
Duration: 6 months
Starting date: 15st of January 2020

Summary of the project

The project aims at creating awareness among citizens (starting from the youth and their families) on the issue of climate change and spreading a more conscious and less impactful lifestyle on the environment, starting with one’s own community and the metropolitan city of origin. Furthermore, it foresees the increase of the number of plants planted in a public space made available by the Municipality thanks to the collaboration of local schools (kindergartens, elementary and middle schools) also involving them in a drawing competition and a flash mob as well as inviting young students to meetings and projections that favor the maturation of the environmental sensitivity of the participants.


  • 1000 citizens
  • 100 students of the secondary school

Overall achievements

Awareness raising: it was planned a drawing competition for students, but, due to Covid, was distributed a questionnaire for logo in three high schools and one elementary school. 250 students were rewarded with a plant. The material will be used for future face-to-face exhibitions and will be uploaded to the site for a permanent online exhibition. Active participants over two hundred and fifty students, passive participants all those who will see the exhibition or the site.
Involvement: it was planned a training through videos or book presentations but due to Covid, this activity was carried out online. Thousands of people viewed the videos.
Planting of plants: it was planned to plant plants during an event, but it was impossible. However, the plants had already been delivered to the Municipality of Cagliari to be planted in Monte Urpinu. Subsequently, those who collaborated in the initiatives were rewarded with more plants that will be planted directly by those who receive them (mainly students and some teachers). Involvement of schools (teachers and students), the Forestry Authority, etc.

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