Afragola città green

Leading agency: Associazione UNICAMENTEARTE
Area(s) of intervention: Afragola (NA)
Total budget: € 7.500
NOPLANETB contribution: € 6.950
Duration: 6 months
Starting date: 1st of November 2018

Summary of the project

“Afragola Green City” is a project idea to promote, encourage and build sustainable local lifestyles in Afragola, a small town nearby Naples.
The city centre is living an evident state of degradation and absence of greenery, especially in the neighbourhood where the association works more. It is characterised by a strong social and economic disadvantage, high population and housing density and significant percentage of abandoned green areas (increased number of buildings and decreasing presence of green spaces). The project aims at spreading the culture of respect for the very few green areas in the city and at promoting a new culture of urban green spaces and public areas as common goods. This will be done through communication and promotional events, stands in the squares of the city centre, competition for the best balcony, artistic / floral installations in the square, realization of vertical gardens and guerrilla gardening. The idea is to create also alternative and original green spaces (e.g. use of vertical gardens, green roofs and re-appropriation of unused public and private spaces) in the city thanks to the involvement of public and private stakeholders. The association can count on a strong presence and reputation in the neighbourhood; on a relevant past experience in implementing social projects and on a physical space, a theatre.


  • 17.000 inhabitants of the targeted neighbourhood

Overall achievements

The strong presence of the Association in the neighbourhood allowed strengthening the link with the local people.
Implementation of the following activities: communication actions for 2000 people, trough stands and meeting in schools and associations.
Guerilla gardening and recovery of public green spaces and at school and church. Initiatives to recovery abandoned spaces with associations and schools on dedicated Sundays with citizenship involvement, especially young people (200)
Workshops for the realization of artistic works together with associations and schools. the artist works were exhibited on the street (250 young people).

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