100% Local

Leading agency: Associação In Loco
Area(s) of intervention: Algarve
Total budget: € 80.000
NOPLANETB contribution: € 72.000
Duration: 18 months
Starting date: 1st of November 2018
Contacts: geral@in-loco.pt

Summary of the project

In a world panorama marked by an increase in population density and subsequent changes in food patterns, there is a clear predominance of intensive forms of agriculture, a consumer of natural resources, harmful to ecosystems, with negative impact on family production and increased consumption of greater ecological footprint. Therefore, it is urgent to find responsible forms of valorisation of production, giving priority to small circuits.
Thus, the aim of this proposal, in order to continue and reinforce the work carried out by In Loco in these matters, over 30 years of intervention, in close coordination with a network of institutional partners, is: i) raise awareness to the importance of local consumption, through the accomplishment of a set of informative, provocative and conscientious actions; ii) identify and differentiate local producers from distributors, creating tools and spaces that will boost their visibility and contribute to a closer relationship with consumers.
The project “100% Local” intends to work in the Algarve region, at 2 levels: i) awareness raising action for the seven municipalities in central Algarve region, directed to consumers; ii) Webapp for geo-referencing in all the municipalities.


  • 150 Algarve farmers
  • 295.361 inhabitants of the 7 municipalities

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